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No : 265
Title : To Ravy M.G.
Date : 2019/07/27(Sat) 01:24:47
Name : Mine
Thank you for your advice, but it seems like you don't understand the concept and purpose of this project page.

First, I can't speak Portuguese at all. So I can't tell whose translations or suggestions are correct. And of course many people say "I'm correct! Believe me!" but they say things contradicting each other in many cases. That's why I made the vote system.

Second, it seems like you didn't read the rules at all. You could write your opinion in this BBS, but you didn't do it and wrote what you want to say in the message fields. There is no reason that I should trust people who don't care about the rules.

I can't accept your way because it's very confusing and even disturbs my work. I make and maintain games by myself, so I provide the system that I can control easily. The system would not be perfect though, at least I won't be able to control it if people go with your way.

I believe you wanted to support me. But if you do the same way again, I'll ignore them and delete your messages from the database.
Thank you for your understanding.

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