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No : 390
Title : Sakura Blade Spanish
Date : 2022/10/01(Sat) 12:40:35
Name : RepoioZ   <>
In the next cases, some uppercase are wrong placed, here are the ones (fixed) I've noticed so far:

"Modo historia - Regreso a casa" (Story Mode1)
"Modo historia - Recorrido" (Story Mode2)
"Modo historia - El límite del mal" (Story Mode3)
"Modo extra" (Extra Mode)
"Doble flecha" (Bow technique 1)
"Triple flecha" (Bow technique 2)
"Cuádruple flecha" (Bow technique 3)

I hope you can fix this, if it is not too much of a trouble, as I can't submit a suggestion due to it being the same text.

P. D: I am Svantechnical, but I no longer use that username, so feel free to delete it from the "Special Thanks" section. Also, sorry if I submit too many similar suggestions, I'm trying to make the most gramatically correct translation. :)

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